Why Social Listening and Sentiment Insights are your Brand’s BFF in 2020

If your brand places its highest bets on good customer sentiment insights, the only investment you’ll have to make is on a tool that has Natural Language Processing capabilities and mind-blowing machine-learning skills! Here are 5 top reasons we can think social listening and sentiment insights would be the key to your CX success:

  1. Sentiment Analytics for Crisis: Sentiment Analysis is a work of constant fine-tuning, and for platforms with machine learning abilities, it is easier to flag content which is potentially negative for your brand, track the engagement activity and raise alert, all in a matter of a few minutes to avert a potential crisis situation. It also gives brand managers the capability to act real-time.
  2. Decode What’s Not Being Said: Sentiment analysis replaces the woes of social media surveys and feedback mechanisms with something even better – that is Actionable Insights. Actionable insights are rich derivatives that come from keyword mentions and user generated content – a pattern that often have tell-tale signs of what your customers are saying, but why they are saying it!
  3. Campaign Hashtags are the Real Deal: Everyone is online these days, so listening tools have their work set out for them. However, an overdose of content may distract people from your brand’s well-intended message. This is specifically why using the right hashtags matters for accurate social listening and sentiment analytics.
  4. Who’s Saying What, How, Where and Why: It’s not enough to rely on the brand’s share of voice to see how much of the digital sphere you own. Influencers and micro-influencers have a lot of power, and you really want IN on it! Sentiment analytics not only helps you understand how your brand’s reputation is playing out online, but smart tools give you reputation mapping with an in-depth influencer score, telling you who is a real influencer, based on the number of followers, content they create around the brand, frequency of engagement with the brand, and which way they make or break customer-brand loyalty! With all this data
  5. Get a Read on the Competition: This doesn’t get said enough, in the age where ‘brand loyalty’ is paramount, social listening can be a great asset to preventing customers from leaving you for the competition – sometimes, even winning back some old loves! Sentiment analysis and competition analysis not only help keep tabs on the buzz around competing brands, but also give you a comparative read on both your social media and theirs! There can be no better place to scope out some vital details and build poaching strategies (if you choose to go that route).

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