Why Car Insurance Is Important in India?

Car insurance policies can literally serve you more than you can ever think. The importance of car insurance in India is directly linked to the law imposed by the Government of India. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it’s mandatory for all motorists to possess at least the third motor insurance. Having car insurance in India is important as it covers all the costs incurred from such events of vehicle damage or injuries done to other drivers, pedestrians, or passengers involving your vehicle. Online car insurance policies also play a vital role by providing coverage against various loss or damage to your vehicle resulting from Theft, Accident, Fire or Explosion, Lightening, Self Ignition, Strikes, Riots, Disaster, Act of Terrorism, Transit by Rail, Road, Air and so on depending on the type online car insurance plan you choose. To enjoy the benefits of auto insurance coverage in India one needs to pay for the premium on their car insurance policy.

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