What is concept of Cloud kitchen ?

After the tremendous business that turned out to be that of ready-made food delivered to home, which shows an important demographic change, a new concept takes shape: that of kitchens that only serve the “delivery” consumer. They are called by different names: “ghost kitchens”, “dark kitchens”, “cloud kitchens”, they differ slightly but all use a combination of advanced food preparation, rental of underutilized premises and computerized processes to reduce costs and increase the production.

The methods these startups adopt are slightly different from each other. Some rent space to install a kitchen in the places that interest them most or settle in decaying restaurants.

A Cloud Kitchen, or let’s say a kitchen in the cloud, is a restaurant where there is no physical place with tables to eat and the food is prepared for all kinds of home delivery services. What differentiates a “delivery kitchen” is the number of brands or restaurants that operate in the same place. In a cloud kitchen, there are several restaurants operating there. The owner can be the same person or different.

So there are real estate startups that create a new opportunity for food manufacturing companies,

Other players offer different combinations of facilities and services. Kitchen United is a Google-backed startup that plans to open more than a dozen delivery kitchens in the India this year. It charges a monthly membership that includes space, backroom services, such as dish washing and access to the technology system to process orders online and a whole series of apps for food delivery.

There are also “virtual restaurants”, such as Taster, an ultra-proximity model that operates from local kitchens designed for home delivery using logistics platforms.

ghostkitchensindia.com likes sides provides cloud kitchen franchise in India. The price starts 50K to 20 lakh according to your pocket and numbers of brands.

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