Water well drilling rig

Water well drilling rig

We design the best quality Water well drilling rigs, capable of drilling water wells and bore wells through even the toughest rock and granite and mining applications. Our products are expertly engineered for performance and efficiency, providing the utmost value to our customers.

Sri Murugan Equipments, the leading Water well drilling rig Manufacturer in India, develops an extensive range of gearboxes and Custom gearboxes for Water well drilling rig, Rotary head, Winch gearbox, Auto rod changer, Mining gearbox, Rig spares, Drilling rig gearbox and Reduction gearbox  for drilling and mining applications. We manufacture and supply the best quality Water well drilling rigs using our inhouse high precision CNC machining centers, conform to quality standards par excellence. We have become a prominent company globally and have high level of trust, and have acquired awards for innovation in water well drilling. And awarded star performer for 2018. In addition, we guide and support our customers in the selection of gearboxes specific to their requirements.

We have successfully designed and developed many special gearboxes for Water well drilling rig applications, SMS still remains as the prominent leader in the industry to solve all technical problems proposed by clients  with their specific requirements.

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