trauma center hospital in pune

Orthopedic Trauma is a severe injury to part of the musculoskeletal system, and often it is the result of a sudden Accidental Sports injury, Domestic fall, Road Traffic Accident, requiring immediate medical attention. In Lokmanya Hospital doctors and specialists specialize in complex injuries to bones, joints, and soft tissues (like muscles, tendons, and ligaments) throughout the entire body. Surgeons can follow patients through all stages of recovery and enlist the help of other specialists, if needed, to treat complex cases. By maintaining open communication with all providers, they can ensure each patient receives the care needed to resume a full and active lifestyle. Regardless of where a traumatic injury has been treated initially, patients can see an orthopedic trauma surgeon at trauma center hospital in pune. Our surgeons are happy to give second opinion, provide specialty care for complex and multi-system fractures, or even perform the post-traumatic joint reconstruction.

In the Year 2001 Mumbai-Pune express highway was made fully operational, according to the speed of vehicles, accidents were happening at a rate of 5-10 accidents per day. A strong need was felt and Lokmanya pioneered in establishing Comprehensive Emergency Medical System first of its kind in India in the year 2000 with a mission to reduce mortality and morbidity due to Road traffic accidents and injuries, through prevention, improved Pre-hospital trauma care, improved hospital care, proved rehabilitation as also research and training.

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