Remote Working: What It Means For The Productivity Of Web Developers


Most people imagine that remote working would be less productive than in-office working. But counterintuitively, several studies have shown that this is not the case. When an office arranges for a remote working set-up with the right technological provisions and managerial adaptations, their employees find it easier to work at a higher capacity and reach peak productivity. While this is not true for every kind of work, it is for web development companies.

Why Web Developers Are More Productive Working From Home

Website design and development is not a job that requires you to be present at all times in an office while working. Therefore, it entirely qualifies as a prime example to drive home the benefits of remote working. In more specific terms, the reasons for the same are pointed out below:

  • When web developers work from home, they have the liberty to set their hours. So, if they are tired, going through a block, or hit a low point, they have the option to rest and refresh themselves before resuming with full energy.
  • Working from home allows web development employees to reclaim the hours and energy lost in commuting.
  • Since workers do not need to stick to a dress code or workplace etiquette, they can work in a more relaxed environment.
  • Working at home also removes the distractions, noise, and stress typically present in an office. Coding is a job best done without interruptions and background commotion that is impossible to achieve in an office.
  • Productivity is not lost in worrying about one’s family and home. Web developers can balance work and domestic life in a way they are most comfortable.
  • Working in the high-pressure atmosphere of an office can take a toll on web developers’ mental health and motivation and cause faster burnout. Remote working reduces the chances of that.
  • Working from home also reduces the incidences of coding errors which is one of the major causes of hampered productivity.
  • Hiring remote resources removes the barriers of space and time in the talent pool and work opportunities.



The pandemic has undeniably hastened the adoption of a remote working ecosystem in every sector, especially web development in India. The majority of web design companies in India have already adopted the policy of remote working for the long run after seeing that it was feasible and more productive and cost-effective.

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