Our team includes experts in all major and specialty areas of neurosurgery. Also, through collaboration with other disciplines, we leverage the extensive strengths and deliver the highest possible comprehensive care.Our neurosurgeons employ the most advanced surgical tools, from intraoperative, frame-less image-guidance to minimally invasive spinal or skull base equipment. We partner with industry leaders to ensure that we have access to and even influence the next generation of surgical technology.
We have latest high definition magnification video-systems for micro-surgery,electrophysiologic equipment for brain monitoring, interoperative angiography and frameless stereostatic imaging workstation(Brain lab) for brain navigation.
We have excellent ICU Service. We have excellent diagnostic service which can help you to know the issue and resolve the disease at the earliest possible.We will diagnose in-depth and see what are the feasible methods of providing immediate assistance to treat the disease and help you live life without any stress of having any neuro related concerns.We have highly qualified surgeons who have extensive training in the field of neuro surgery and we have 100% success rate in surgical interventions. We investigate the issue under highly professional doctors and unless required , we do not opt for surgical intervention. We have advanced machinery and scanning tools which are very much economical.

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