List of Top Online Courses to Learn Blockchain

Blockchain-the one term that has been creating ripples in the tech industry since 2009 has surpassed all the mirages of doubt and apprehensions. Being a new and emerging technology, many early adopters of blockchain harbored doubts regarding its potential for sustainability in the long run.

However, enterprises across diverse sectors realize the functionalities of blockchain in unique ways possible. Therefore, the demand for blockchain learning is constantly increasing, and so is the demand for blockchain courses. Since blockchain is a comparatively new technology, many new aspirants face difficulties learning about blockchain technology from distributed sources.

On the other hand, blockchain courses offer great avenues for learning about the new technology with ease and flexibility alongside the assurance of inputs from subject matter experts. The following online courses for blockchain education and training can ensure that you get the right foundation to kickstart your blockchain career.

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals: 101Blockchains

If you are on the lookout for the best free online blockchain courses, then 101Blockchains should be your first stop! The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course on 101Blockchains is available for free of cost. The support of the trust of more than 11,000 blockchain professionals alongside the credibility of 101Blockchains offers the assurance of quality training materials in this course.

Most importantly, the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course is suitable not only for beginners in blockchain but also for senior leadership and decision-makers. Innovation managers, technology advisors, entrepreneurs, business analysts, and solution developers can also leverage this course for strengthening their blockchain expertise.

The course covers important basic concepts related to blockchain technology, such as its definition, blockchain terminology, fundamentals of smart contracts, and digital transformation with blockchain. Furthermore, the course also focuses on insights regarding the impact of blockchain on transforming the world.

Blockchain Basics: The University of Buffalo

Another notable mention among the best blockchain courses available for free of cost is the Blockchain Basics training course. It is provided by the University of Buffalo and follows a modular approach for improving foundational knowledge of blockchain technology.The introduction of the course deals comprehensively with the definition of blockchain and its functionalities.

The next important concepts covered in this course include the details of Ethereum blockchain, followed by algorithms and techniques. The Blockchain Basics course also focuses on the consensus protocol and important facets related to trust in blockchain technology. Beginners can find this training course helpful for a holistic learning experience regarding all concepts covered in the course. The readings and quizzes in each module and the interactive video lectures for all lessons provide a flexible learning experience.

Introduction to Blockchain Technologies: INSEAD

Candidates who have fundamental knowledge regarding blockchain technology and the desire to exploremore about its implementation can choose the Introduction to Blockchain Technologies by INSEAD. A course is an ideal tool for learning about the implementation of blockchain for driving economic and business activity. You can learn the fundamentals of approaches through which blockchain establishes trust and blockchain design principles.

Candidates could also gain practical insights into concepts related to public and private ledgers. Additionally, learners can also use this course to develop their knowledge of challenges in blockchain implementation and the blockchain ecosystem. Candidates don’t need any prerequisites for participating in this course and can get a unique learning experience with video lectures.

Coursera Blockchain Specialization Program

The Coursera Blockchain Specialization course is also another helpful alternative among popular blockchain courses online. It is a comprehensive digital certification program with four different courses provided by The State University of New York and the University of Buffalo. The specialization program focuses on blockchain concepts and the design and implementation of smart contracts. It also focuses on approaches for development of decentralized applications on blockchain and notable blockchain frameworks.

Are You Ready to Start Learning about Blockchain Technology?

If you are willing to learn about the blockchain technology, then there are many helpful blockchain courses. All you have to do is choose the courses that offer a flexible approach for developing your knowledge of blockchain. It may be impossible to rank the different available courses on blockchain technology. However, learners could select courses according to their learning preferences.

If you are doubtful regarding investments in a training course, then start with free courses.Gradually, you can build your way towards specialization courses. The journey of learning about blockchain technology is a continuous process. Therefore, you need to have the commitment and dedication towards the online courses of your choice.

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