How to Setup Twilio Package for SMS in Laravel

In your application workflow, you may need to pass important information to your users. Most services require your users to have an internet connection and unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Luckily, we can overcome this by using Twilio.

For the Setup of this package in your laravel project you need to follow the Below steps.

1. Installation

For installing this package through Composer. Run this command from the Terminal:

  • composer require aloha/twilio

Then after In your config->app.php file add the following line to the providers array:

  • AlohaTwilioSupportLaravelServiceProvider::class

Add the following line to the aliases array:

  • ‘Twilio’ => AlohaTwilioSupportLaravelFacade::class

You can publish the default config file with this artisan command

  • php artisan vendor:publish

2. Collect Details from Twilio Account

  • Signup/Signin On Twilio
    • If you already have a Twilio account then sign into your existing account.
    • If you are new in this then you’ll need to sign up for a Twilio account.
  • After Successfully Registration, Go to Dashboard of twilio and collect ACCOUNT SID & AUTH TOKEN

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