How to Promote your Youtube channel for Free- An ultimate Guide for Video Marketers!

After creating a YouTube channel there is always one question in the mind of every YouTuber that How to Promote my channel or videos?

So that I can get more traffic. But the thing is that Today every single person on youtube creating videos.

According to current youtube data for every single minute, there are 500 hours of youtube videos uploaded. Shocking!! Right? But it’s a fact.

So you cannot rely on youtube to promote your channel or videos. You have to do some extra efforts for the same.

There are several different techniques that you need to follow to get high views on youtube and promote your channel.

The few simple things are nothing but,

1] Create Quality Content:

No matter how many subscribers or watch time you have if your content is good then definitely you are on the safe side.

I mean your videos will get automatic views. But make sure that you are really engaging your viewers.

2] Promote your channel on social Media:

Social media is one the best platform to promote your youtube channel. But make sure that you are promoting your videos on the relevant social media page.

This means, if your video is about Content Marketing, then you cannot promote it on a Facebook page which is related to Cooking.

You may get some views but it doesn’t make any sense and at any period of time your viewers can leave your channel.


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