An extremely true yet pinching quotation would be ‘Searching for a place to hide dead bodies? The second page of a search engine is what you are looking for!’ This is so precise and relevant in every manner. And giving your website a new life is what an SEO agency does.

The procedure of hiring a good SEO company and trusting your web presence with it is a laborious task.

If you want to guarantee victorious results for your company, then you need to spend an adequate amount of time to ensure that your website is in the right hands, one that knows what strategic plans and leads are required for your website to excel. If you narrow down the search to a good SEO company, you should keep in mind that you consider them as an extended team, one that you can contact at any time of the day.

We know how important it is for you to entrust your resources into a brilliant SEO company. Keeping your requirements in mind, we have listed a few criteria that will help you select from a host of SEO companies and also marking a sharp difference between the average and an exceptionally well SEO company. 

While we list out the points for your easy consideration, we would also love to introduce you to our team of SEO experts at Zebravo that are ever ready to provide you with.

their affordable and highly professional SEO services. A brief about us will be provided as we proceed with the article.


Researching the company’s ethics

 Past performance

 Avoid Metaphysical elements

Fulfilling goals

 White Hat Practices

Let’s have a deeper dive into our widespread ocean of research and knowledge to give an elaborated explanation about the points listed.



Ethics is the most underrated concept when it comes to the field of business. A company that follows morals and works in an integrated manner is an ideal company to collaborate with. This is the first thing that you should appraise about any SEO company.

The ethics that the company follows define their diligence and commitment towards the work they do for you. After all, exemplary client service is what all of you have been expecting from your SEO agencies. 

A reliable SEO company makes sure to stick to a very strong code of ethics while they deal with the ways to get high ranking for your website.

This aspect also gets significant attention as the dignity and reputation of your website will be the things that you never want to compromise with.

Do complete, in-depth research find out the most appropriate SEO company for your website that follows the SEO code of conduct.

Zebravo, the best SEO agency in Londongives you reliable services and has a strict ethic code that respects the rights and privacy of their clients, along with the methods of operation.



How will you know that this is the one company that you are looking for? The answer has to be, by taking a look at the performance and milestones that the company has achieved so far.

Why is past performance so important?

The answer is simple! Any company’s performance on the previous platforms acts as a report card for them. It is an indicator of how well the company takes care of its client.

While choosing an SEO company, have a look at the awards, case studies, portfolio examples, and client testimonials. It will help you gain a better understanding of the services that the company delivers.

With a bona fide support and proof of the excellent performance of the SEO company, you can be confident that the material of your website is in brilliant hands. You will be answerable to anyone who questions your decisions about selecting the company.

Zebravo does not want its upcoming clientage to wander over here and there struggling to gather information about the performance. That’s why we display our achievements and feedbacks on the home page of our website that you can have access to. We believe that transparency is the key to a nurturing relationship.



Let’s face it, an SEO company does not work like a magic wand. It has amazing results, but everything takes time and in the case of an SEO, patience is the only way to gain results. Good and affordable SEO services require skilled personnel who can understand the needs of the businessmen deeply. Whether it is about modifying the account, optimization, keyword research, or anything else, a genuine SEO agency will never play up to knowing some mystique things about the website world. Their emphasis will not be on showing off their skills, instead they will probe you with questions until they get to the roots of the problem. This is where the main difference strikes in.

If you come across a company who offers SEO services but makes unreasonably unrealistic claims, you should always know where the exit door is, because, in most of the cases, such companies have been confronted to fool around their clients, thereby wasting the time, money and effort that is bestowed to them by the clients.

In addition to this, SEO professionals who claim to have extended knowledge could be the ones who are using Black Hat SEO practices. If this is the case, then you should withdraw your deals and contracts on the slightest of a hint since this could drain each ounce of your hard-earned money. The London based SEO companyZebravo values the precious resources and the trust that our clients provide us with and we believe in the satisfaction of our clients. The problems that are showcased are looked in by a team of professional service providers. We draw customized strategies for your website and focus on increasing the visibility of it.



Each one of us has different aims in life and we do not want to compromise on those goals for any cost. This is the same case with every company that wishes to stand out in the crowd and have an independent identity of their own.

Each firm has different goals regarding the content, appearance, keywords, and graphics that are present on their website. While some companies compromise their goals, others do not. Here’s a quick tip: if you fall in the first category, then this point is specifically made for you.

Your primary focus while searching for a good SEO company should be on the pains they take to meet your requirements. Stand straight and confident about the goals you consider and do not fall for a company that gives an abstract rule of ‘increasing organic traffic’ because any SEO company can do that. That is why these companies thrive. That is the sole purpose.

To avoid any kind of confusion, you need to sit in peace and decide what all points are you expecting from working with an SEO. In the end, the type of SEO firm you choose hardly has any effect, because by that time you will be sure about the kind of results and services you want for your website, whether its increasing sales or boosting the conversion rates, always be sure of the goals you want to achieve.

And yet again on this point, Zebravo never disappoints you by flashing unnecessary schemes to your portal, instead, we value the marketing goals with which you arrive and our sedulous workforce gets to work in line with your propaganda so that you achieve the maximum returns in the ways that you want.



Whenever a website developer sees or hears any SEO company that guarantees a far fetched claim about doubling and tripling the profits in a handful of times, the light in eyes might shine more than the evening star. But, this is where your intelligence and awareness is tested. As stated above, SEO is not necessarily magic and cannot make you a billionaire overnight. Companies who pose such claims adopt illegal practices.

And, that is why you need to select an SEO company that not only poses reasonable claims but also proves itself to be capable of being trusted.

Now, the question is, how to identify that a company follows legal codes and work on the white hat principles? The answer is a question. It might sound a bit paradoxical, but this is what it is. If you want to look out for a genuine agency, flood them with a million questions about the work they do, the strategies they use, the achievement rates. Ask them to explain to you in terms and language that is easily understandable and not filled with jargon. Any statement that gives a manipulative and unethical touch to it should raise the immediate alarm.

An ethical company like ours will never get tired to answer your limitless questions, we believe that you as our clients should have complete knowledge about us. We do not refrain or hesitate to answer any of your questions until you are satisfied with the qualms of our practices.

After having a look at the criteria one needs to follow to choose a good SEO company, here is a list of mistakes to avoid whenever you decide to choose an SEO firm:


  1. ‘Cheap’ SEO agency

Money matters the most. Whether we talk about a micro-enterprise or a big business, money remains at the center of all the other priorities.

Sometimes, in haste, some companies opt to work with SEO agencies that provide cheap services. The problem with cheap services is that (i) you don’t get the desired results and (ii) to save money, you end up wasting money.

Everyone talks about setting a ‘budget’ but no one tells you to beware while setting those unrealistic expectations to your budget. Usually, when companies set a budget they research to get information about the general pricing offers and problems to arise at a time when you see an SEO company offering services for $100 per month.

In the practical realm, you cannot expect to get wonderful services for a price as low as $100, but you can definitely get the services of your choice at a price higher than $100, but still suitable to your pockets! Only at Zebravo.


  1. Browsing Local SEO

When you choose to work with an SEO company, the location should not be your top factor. Of course, if you get the two qualities of being local and good in a single SEO, then it would be a bonus.

If you limit yourself to a smaller, local area then it can hamper the growth of your business, thereby restricting it to grow and achieve heights.

Do not let the comfort factor come in between your path of success.


  1. Falling for shiny presentations

If you keep falling for flashy SEO presentations, then this point is handpicked for you. This is very similar to the famous saying, ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover’. This is taught to kindergarten kids, then why do you still fall for them?

If an SEO firm creates high-tech marketing pitches for you, then it will rarely be the case that you are going to get the same for your customers. Once in a blue moon.


  1. Incomplete research

Have you browsed through their blogs? Read their reviews? Looked at the case studies? Does their level of speech remind you of something that you can vibe with?

Before you jump to a decision to hire an SEO companybe double sure because heartbreaks hurt real bad!


  1. Your website to you: ‘Hello’ 

The common mistake that almost every company commits is to forget the existence of their website, and giving the viewers a good web experience, simply because they become entangled in the entire choosing a planning system of the SEO agencies.

A good company like us will tell you the areas you need to work upon!


Although Zebravo is a London based SEO companythe success that it has achieved in terms of providing the unquestionably best SEO services around the globe has also established it as the best SEO company in London. This is possible only because of the highly professional and affordable e-commerce SEO services provided by the company.

If you wish to be an extended part of the Zebravo Team, feel free to visit our official website and find additional contact details here.

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