Fashionfore Leads to Long and Keep up the Term Consistency Placing & Delivering Orders

Fashionfore is a Startup registered MSME company into Fashion and E Commerce based out of Bangalore India. Please note that we (Employees of Fashionfore) has no direct or indirect contact with the employees of M/s Supplyco Kerala. We have not indulged in any type of gifting to anybody for this project.


It is a true fact that we (M/s Fashionfore Services OPC Private Limited) had won the e-tender to supply Cloth bag to M/s Kerala State Civil Supply Corporation (also known as Supplyco) Taluk Depots across the state of Kerala at a price of INR 6.5 per piece in October 2020. Despite so many odds like increased cost of the labor and materials, non co-opearatioon of financial institutions and leg pulling by other business houses we didn’t backed out and started manufacturing by investing all our money so that we can complete the order in time with highest possible quality. Fashionfore is an E Commerce Platform, servicing to various suppliers and vendors across the country with Garments and Fashion related accessories catering to both B2B and B2C. We support Artisans and Creative Designers to evolve their talent and sell their products on our website. We also provide opportunity to people from pan India to exhibit their products on the International Markets. Despite being new start up, Fashionfore is working on various cluster programs to improve the salability, profits and business opportunities of poor artisans under BPL. We look forward to promoting Make in India and Export our client’s designs overseas.

Thus, Fashionfore believe and are in upscaling the Indian Products across the globe.Our banking partner ‘a leading government bank’ is delaying the financial assistance deliberately as well. They are questioning the authenticity of the purchase order released by Supplyco, a company owned and run by Kerala Govenment.Fashionfore are not getting any financial help. One of the tender participant had called us in the start and offered 2 cr to back out. However we have not stopped and proceeded to work on the order. Other Suppliers have blocked our vendors to supply the fabric to us, in turn increasing the price of the fabric nationwide. However now that various sources are trying to stop us from executing this order.Fashonfore still supplying the fabric against all odds at a no profit/no loss business, for the welfare of public.

But even then Fashonfore have started delivering the bags to various SupplyCo depots in Kerala on daily basis. Fashionfore will deliver the complete order at the earliest. Fashionfore is working on this SupplyCo project purely as non-profitable project and for social responsibility cause only as around 200 people are earning through this project in this pandemic environment. Fashionfore are procuring the fabric for the bag at INR 4.5, Stitching it at INR 1.5 and transporting the same at INR 0.5 per bag, amounting to the total of INR 6.5 of the quoted price, excluding the GST. Fashionfore further would like to inform that no employee of our company, M/s Fashionfore Services OPC Private Limited, has any direct or indirect relationship with any of the employees of M/s Kerala State Civil Supply Corporation (also known as SupplyCo). However, have already started supplying to various supplyco depots in Kerala. Fashionfore will continue and conclude the complete order within one month.


Requesting you to kindly stop publishing and notifying fake news that  (M/s Fashionfore Services OPC Pvt Ltd) have backed out of the order. Fashoinfore have been supplying regularly and continuously.


For future communications, please refer to our side of the complete story as well before publishing such articles.


Thanks & Stay Safe,


Fashionfore Team

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