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Top 10 Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends in 2021
Digital marketing is slated to become the next revolution in the business world. With the deadly coronavirus outbreak bringing the world down to its knees and throwing human lives out of gear, businesses have been forced to either discontinue their operations or significantly change the way they operated earlier. The latter has been the outcome of new digital marketing endeavors. No surprises then why Digital marketing courses in Bangalore are on the rise as students start to look for online marketing training in Bangalore to get jobs.

Digital marketing had always been there but its newfound importance is something that cannot be overlooked. As the demand for digital marketers grows, students are searching for a reputed digital marketing institute in Bangalore to get their certifications as businesses continue to embrace these new trends like never before. As many physical stores continue to stay out of bounds for people, these trends will ensure that relationships between buyers and businesses do not suffer.

Digital touchpoints
Businesses have realized that buyers now and in the future would depend more on e-commerce sites and digital channels for shopping, exploring new products or brands, and connecting with businesses. This non-linear buyer journey, which became the order of the day during the lockdown months, is not going to go away soon. So, every business must rethink its digital touchpoints to ensure that their buyers can reach them at any time.

They must also redesign their sites and apps to appeal to first-time buyers. This is why getting certification at the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore can help. It will prepare these professionals for delivering brand experiences across multiple devices, tracking and assessing touchpoints by analyzing an individual’s buying journey, and identifying opportunities for influencing his buying decisions.

Voice searches
Are you aware that nearly 20% of all searches on Google are voice searches? This statistic goes to show how valuable this marketing tool has become and that its role is likely to become even more crucial in the days to come. So, businesses are now seeking to optimize voice searches as part of their SEO checklists, something that SEO training in Bangalore can prepare you for.

Mobile optimization
Like voice search optimization, mobile optimization is now emerging as a key ranking factor for all search engines, including Google. According to HubSpot, almost 25% of companies are investing in this. Mobile optimization entails redesigning web pages to make them more mobile-friendly, increasing page-loading speed by eliminating elements that cause lag, or doing away with pop-ups and ads that block the viewer’s vision. Finding the best digital marketing training in Bangalore can teach you these techniques to make your site mobile-friendly.

Interactive content generation
The focus today is on garnering customer engagement at all costs and for this, you need to get information about them. This is only going to be possible when you make your social media presence and website more interactive. Try to include elements like quizzes and games, polls, and surveys, online contests, and interactive videos to increase your visibility and keep the customers entertained and engaged with your site. Social media marketing training in Bangalore will equip you with resources to boost customer engagement.

Efficient marketing automation
Marketing activities must be made more productive and efficient so that it can get you leads faster. You need to offer visitors quality experiences that will convert them into paying customers. So, businesses are investing in email marketing solutions for reaching out to target customers. This will not only ensure that your existing customers stay loyal to your brand, but also bring new customers to your site.

Insert shoppable posts
These on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram will ensure quicker purchase decisions by buyers. They can view the product on such platforms and use a single click to reach the online store to purchase it. This new marketing trend is allowing small retailers to sell their products through Instagram posts. The entire process is superfast where the buyer does not even have to exit the social networking site to make a purchase.

Use of Machine Learning
While most businesses have not yet started using machine learning technologies internally, they are using this externally. The “smart” tag to most Google services these days allows small businesses to seamlessly navigate the difficulties of ad targeting for boosting their ROI. Businesses must learn and embrace Machine Learning for their benefit; for example, Google’s Smart Bidding helps to manage to bid across huge product inventories.

Use of Chatbots
The AI-powered chatbots are here to stay because they can guarantee far better response management than any other customer support tool. Whether it is direct messaging or SEO, the contribution of AI technologies cannot be overlooked. Chatbots can give customized and instant responses to buyer queries; the use of Natural Language Processing empowers them to understand the buyer’s real search motive. They can even consider past conversations with a client when replying to his new queries.

Ephemeral content
This refers to visual content like a live-streaming video or a product demo that can be accessed only for while. This content is quite the rage on social media platforms, and given the numbers of people that use these social networking websites every day, you can reach out to millions of customers. The biggest advantage of such content is that they demand an immediate response from viewers, which in turn, promotes brand engagement, brand credibility, and sales.

Programmatic advertising
Just as automation is controlling human lives on a daily basis, programmatic advertising, which involves the real-time selling and buying of ad inventories, is boosting sales. With this automation, there is no longer a need for manual searches for ad placements, doing paperwork, or negotiating with publishers. Programmatic marketing uses machine learning and AI for sifting through huge volumes of data; they analyze buyer behavior and track ad-viewing metrics to identify the best ad placement for you.

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