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How is AmbiPalm Different

With our 24*7 ambulance booking service, we ensure to make it quick and hassle-free by offering affordable ambulance booking service.

We being your health partners will ensure you never waste those precious golden hours of emergency. You can book the emergency ambulance service from our app for your family or any stranger in distress.

All you need to do is

  • 1. Select your pick up and drop
  • 2. Choose Your Ambulance Type – ALS/ BLS/ Patient Transport Vehicle
  • 3. Select the Services, confirm booking by paying minimum booking confirmation amount
  • 4. Your Ambulance is on its way.

Our well trained and experienced service partners are dedicated to help the patients by providing them initial medical care such as Oxygen, connecting MultiParam monitor, BP Monitor etc and make them feel comfortable and calm. The Drivers are trained to drive cautiously and ensure that every second is counted for.

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