be and by ias academy

We at Be and By IAS is committed not only to provide online guidance but also help the aspirants achieve their maximum potential through well-structured preparations for the examination. The focus is not merely on clearing the academic papers but also on developing their personality and mindset expected of top civil servants of the country under the personal guidance of a former IAS officer himself. The aspirants are put on the appropriate path in their pursuit of excellence both as a student in the earlier phase and later as a successful officer to serve the Nation to the best of their abilities and qualities with the highest standards of personal honesty and integrity

The syllabus of UPSC is very confined and precise but the coverage is highly extensive which is focused on assessing only the in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects but also the art of writing the answers with utmost precision.

We are an academy that providing the best online classes for aspirants who are willing to achieve their goals to become an IAS officer. Our Be and By IAS Academy founder Mr. Jasbir Singh Bajaj is a former IAS officer who had to succeed in his goal in batch 1987 TN Cadre. He is very dedicated and passionate about his responsibilities for the Nation that’s why he started this institution so that he can help Indian students who really work hard and dedicatedly wants to join IAS in the future. He is the inspiration to youth who want to achieve their goal to be an IAS officer. So if you are willing to join please visit our website and you can directly call us at 9958826967 we are available 24*7 to serve you best. We will always try to do our best to serve our Nation 

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