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Top Trends in Virtual Reality For Events


As virtual reality continues to rise in the market, the event industry has also been making the most of the coveted technology and we have seen several exciting use cases so far. And rightly so, because events are successful only when there is a sense of thrill in it.

As we know, there are various types of events where technology can be incorporated. Be it giving the audience in-depth visuals of a sporting event, or making a party more enjoyable, virtual reality contributes to giving event organizers the worth of their money.

Private events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, or celebratory gatherings have also seen the use of VR in various ways. Top virtual reality app development companies have also paid great heed to develop apps for the event management industry in recent times.

And without a doubt, they are getting the fruits for it. At Sapizon Technologies, we are actively rendering Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality app development services to our clients. From WebVR to 360-degree virtual tours, we specialize in all types of VR/AR/MR related services.

What are the Trends in VR For Events?

Here are some of the most popular trends in virtual reality that you can witness in events:

The Virtual Event:

Are you one of those people who want to experience a global sports event closely? Or one of those who want to witness a show of their favorite musician closely? Your problem is solved here as VR enables remote spectators to experience the event more closely than ever.

It can give you the feel of the event taking place and gives you a deeper level of engagement. Also, VR experience in events can promote your brand significantly. As you are already reaching a broader audience, the immersive experience you are providing is certain to get noticed.

And once you have a group of audience that is impressed, you can rest assured assuming you are in for some rich stream of success in your respective domain.

Mobile VR:

It is evident that is the era of mobile devices and it comes as no surprise that users are looking for the use of modern technology in mobile devices because of the extra convenience they get from it. Be it gaming, shopping online, or even making payments, VR has taken over.

VR options for mobile users have a wide range be it Snapchat’s VR Lite feature or Samsung’s Gear VR. Event planners have now noted the popularity of VR in mobile devices and provide options like live streaming with VR, control with VR, among other options.

360 Virtual Tours:

360-degree virtual tours have contributed immensely to the successful integration of VR in events. The areas where they have been termed effective for event planners are going through the event venues. They can quickly take tours of different venues before narrowing down on the right choice.

Apart from this, event planners can also use these tours to put forth their ideas before clients and transparently explain their concepts.

Social Media:

Social media can be used in events via VR as the gateway to streaming the desired event. This has been depicted already in a couple of prestigious award functions where viewers who were not in attendance could view the event as if they were present.

Through their VR devices and a gateway link on social media, viewers would be given access to view the event in virtual reality.

Closing Thoughts:

Virtual Reality has been used effectively in events all around and it is time for you to bring to life your ideas about the same. To know how you can integrate VR into your event business, you can consult our VR experts for free and get a detailed briefing.

We render VR/AR app development services in various market segments like construction, healthcare, architecture, entertainment, education, and more.

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