Apprenticeship Program in Lucknow

Apprenticeship Program
Digitalearn is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the Apprenticeship program in India!!
DigitaLearn apprenticeship program combines a full-time job with training to prepare workers to
enter in-demand careers. We provide affordable pathways to high-paying careers. Career seekers
can find our apprenticeship programs in different courses.
More than 85% of our apprentices remain employed after completing their training period. They
immediately get the job opportunities with their average starting wages more than a couple of
lakhs per annum.
What is an apprenticeship program?
An apprenticeship program is typically a 1 to 6 months education and training opportunity to
earn while you learn. The apprenticeship training program combines on-the-job training with
technical instructions for the apprentices to gain meaningful work experience, make a recognized
credential, and potentially earn college credit or even a certificate.
Best Apprenticeship Program in India
Our national apprenticeship program is the best-in-class. Our country has a long history of
apprenticeship training in skilled trades like electrical, automotive, construction, and plumbing.
Generally led by organizations, these programs partner apprentices with qualified mentors and
provide them with opportunities in state-of-the-art learning facilities to prepare them for high-
paying jobs.
In the same way, DigitaLearn Academy is offering top IT courses to college students and
freshers to help them enable to get high-paid jobs as the apprenticeship programs are expanding
into the new fields. Including many once thought to require a college degree, such as IT and
digital marketing. We are a pioneer IT training and learning academy that offers opportunities
for students to get benefitted.
We strive to increase national employability through an apprenticeship program. The more
we train students to get job opportunities in the top-notch companies. This way, the
unemployment rate of our country tends to decrease.
The graduate freshers who come out of the college have no experience and even no idea of what
to do with their careers and future. Nowadays, holding a graduation degree is not enough to get
placed in a reputed firm. Students need to get training that can make them suitable for getting
skills or shaping their existing skills for a related job environment.
Our apprenticeship program is the one that will make sure that students get the most out of the IT
industry and get to know the sector very well. DigitaLearn is there for the students to acquire
knowledge that can be implemented in the best of ways to be well-settled.
Apprenticeship training program
At DigitaLearn, apprenticeship is a part of our mission to build a brighter future of Information
Technology in Lucknow. During our apprenticeship training program, the trainees get
exposure to different industry areas while studying and developing their professional and digital

Applications to the program are open at different times of the year – refer to the complete
package, duration, and application section. In order to apply, you will need some basic
documents and a lot of enthusiasm for technology!!!
We offer Apprenticeship programs for different courses for the duration of 45 days, 3 months,
and 6 months.
Our 3 months and 6 months apprenticeship training programs are job-oriented that will let you
learn and earn immediately after your graduation year or even while pursuing your degree

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