Akruti Clinic for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad

Akruti conveys its hearty thanks to all the patients for their positive reviews which made us be ranked as Number 1 Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad by Times Health Survey. We thank once again for the trust and faith reposed in Akruti. 

Leadership & Excellence

With a commitment to deliver the best-desired results in all the procedures we do through advanced medical technology, exemplary treatment, and compassionate conduct.

Care & Service

Just beyond our duty, we cultivate a culture where every one of us in the team is committed to express the utmost care for the patients and treat their caregivers in the right way.

One Roof – 55 Procedures

Be the most Beautiful You – You Can at Akruti Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad!

Akruti is established with the sole mission to deliver world-class, holistic, and affordable plastic & cosmetology care. Akruti is a one-stop destination for pertinent care with extreme compassion and advanced technology.

Over the years, we have developed a lot however the values we built remain the same to meet our patients’ expectations with great attention.


The highest quality Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Care to All!!!

Akruti takes a little pride in stating that, in a contrast to other plastic & cosmetic surgery Hospitals, Akruti is a doctor-only Hospital – all surgical & non-surgical procedures are performed by the highly experienced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons and Doctors respectively.

Akruti has Female Surgeons exclusively for female patients. The Surgeons & Doctors with more than 15+ years of experience by holding a reputation for best-desired results, Akruti covers 55+ Procedures in terms of both Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries.

Collaborated with Anupama Hospital, unlike other plastic & cosmetic surgery centers in the city, Akruti is well-equipped with advanced Operation Theatres, ICU Support, Certified Anesthetic Care, 24 x 7 Emergency Care, Post-operation Suites, Pre & Post Analysis Care Procedure, Rooms for Caretakers and much more.

Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao and his team of doctors & surgeons are dedicated to provide strategic procedures that act synergistically and to create a natural-looking appearance.


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