Academy of Korean Studies announces projects to promote Koreanology for year 2021

NEW DELHI: In its continuous endeavor to promote Koreanology studies and education across the globe through various programs, the Korean Studies Promotion Service (KSPS) – a division of the Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul has announced to fund various projects in the year 2021.

For this, the KSPS will start accepting applications from individual researchers, research teams, and institutes including universities from across the world including India in early next year, probably from January.

The KSPS Global Programs Platform is designed to fund projects that contribute to establishing basic infrastructure and environment for Koreanology research and education around the world, training foreign Koreanology experts, spreading academic resources needed in Koreanology research and education, and exchanges of academic accomplishments and expertise between Korea and the world.

“The successfully short-listed projects will be funded annually for a designated period of time. Acceptance of applications will commence early next year, after an official announcement. The announcement related to the successful selectees would be made in and around March, ” Shyam Kumar Anand, Research Scholar at the Academy of Korean Studies helping KSPS department to promote these projects in India and South Asia, told Asian Community News (ACN) Network, India.

The well-known Indian educational institutions like Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Nalanda University have bagged many such projects from KSPS.

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