About Us

Kahi is World’s No.1 PR platform, a placewhere people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services. Launched in 2014 with the vision for buyers and sellers to “meet online, transact offline”,

Headquartered in Lucknow India, Kahi operates from 310 Country and We now have over 17 categories, with the most popular being mobile phones and electronics, real estate, cars and bikes.

Kahi is used in over All countries . The company was founded in Oct 2014 and is privately held.

At Kahi, we have created an online community which is simple and secure. We are constantly innovating so that users can buy and sell in the easiest and most convenient way possible. We recognized that getting a fair price could be a hurdle for our customers,and we developed a Maximum Selling Price (MSP) calculator to help users estimate a reasonable price range. We also pioneered the Missed Call service in India, enabling first time or non internet users in India to give us a missed call so that we can help them post an ad. This way we aim to make people ‘Kahi’ users, perhaps even before they are internet users.

Our efforts are being recognized. In BAV(R) 2013 (a Brand Asset Valuator by Rediffusion-Y&R), Kahi was the only classifieds platform to be featured in the list of top ten ‘Best E-commerce Brands in India Amongst Youth’.

We have been fortunate to have some of the world’s best renowned investment partners with us on our journey: Jagapatti Films, Kavyanjali CreationsInc. as well.

Happy trading everyone!